Thursday, December 12, 2013

Honestly Tour 2013 - Bielefeld

The venue at Bielefeld was one of those rooms. 'Ya know, one of those where you have terrible buzz on your acoustic guitar for no apparent reason, weird sound bouncing everywhere, and yada yada yada. Despite that, the early-arriving Meet-and-Greeters were all good sports (despite the excruciatingly long, boring sound check) and the crowd turned out to be great. In spite of the technical difficulties and the weird room, I must say that I think we all enjoyed ourselves in our first time in Bielefeld (despite the loss of a favorite beanie on my part).

PS: This video captures one of the long-running inside jokes of the tour (every band and every tour has their own). This time around, we found ourselves singing any '90s-era grunge rock song we could think of in a ridiculous caricature of the vocalists of the time. It was one part hilarious impression, and one part sentimental memory of all the music we grew up listening to. As with any inside tour joke, we definitely got carried away with it at times, but if the local crew guys and fans don't think you're completely out of your mind, you're not doing it right.

Not gonna lie: I totally horked this picture from Keber's Instagram. But, it's one of the best pictures any of us took during the entire tour and it says "Bielefeld" beautifully.

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