Thursday, January 9, 2014

Honestly Tour 2013 - Freiburg

There's nothing quite like playing on a stage Miles Davis once performed on. For a cat like me, getting to do that was a pretty rad experience.

And Freiburg itself was, in a more total sense, a pretty rad experience. The stage and the room were sort of bizarre and cool, the crowd was great, and the overall vibe affected how we performed the show. It was a bit more loose and not as high-strung. More jazzy, if you will. Which, when you're playing at a venue called the Jazzhaus, is a good thing.

Another great memory from that day was running into a few of our fellow countrymen whilst doing our laundry down the street from the venue. We Americans tend to notice each other in places where English is a second language, so we invited our new acquaintances to the show later that night. So far, not all that unusual. What was more unusual was the fact that they actually showed up. Here's hoping we played well.... wouldn't want to be a bunch of ugly American rock stars and embarrass the other foreigners, now would we?


1 comment:

  1. I really loved your show in Freiburg. It has been a quite familiar show because of the small venue.
    I have been - in three years - to three of your shows and it has been the best one so far.


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