Monday, May 12, 2014

Alex G's #bones

Three-and-a-half years ago, there was this.

A month later, she snuck into this one.

And then came the moment where everyone actually fell in love with her.

Which brings us to today. Video number 100. The new single off of Alex G's very first full-length album.

I've had the pleasure of kinda being around to more-or-less witness the entirety of Alex's career. I've been fond of telling people lately that if the opportunity to play drums for her had been presented to me just a couple of years ago, I probably would have passed. At the time, she was still just sort of figuring things out and happy performing other people's music. People were noticing, sure, but nothing all that "artistic" was going on.

Then, God flipped the switch.

Somewheres in the there, Alex G the artist - not cover artist, not YouTube artist, but artist artist - began to emerge. And I remember when I noticed it, too. She was opening for T-Ward on one of our tours and it hit me like a truck while I was watching her solo acoustic set one night: "G's frickin' good."

And she just kept getting better.

Her Found EP in 2012 was a big hint. Artists sometimes take big steps forward, sure. This new album, though...

Well, I guess we'll all just have to wait and see, won't we?

So, congratulations, G. By the grace of God, you've done it, you're doing it, and you're gonna do it. It's been sort of wild for a guy who knew he wanted to be a musician 15 years ago to get to watch your journey from almost the very beginning and see how quickly you've grown into what you are today. And I can't say how excited I am to be a part (even just a little tiny part) of it.


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