Wednesday, November 25, 2015


- For Christmas tunes. It's officially time for the greatest music in the world to ring out, my friends. Let it rip.

- For getting to witness the Kansas City Royals win a World Series.

- For the interesting, talented, and dependable people I have the privilege of calling my friends; for the old ones who stick around when others leave and for the new ones who have brought new color and flavor into my life.

- For a wife who, after 13 years together, still manages to find me funny from time to time.

- For my mother's victory over cancer this year.

- For a glorious and jaw-dropping year of concert going: Chris Botti, Bruce Hornsby, Zac Brown Band, Garth Brooks, Rush, Toto. (Might have been the best year so far, truth be told.)

- I'm thankful for Star Wars, Roald Dahl novels, and Batman: things that were awesome when I was a kid and are still awesome all these years later.

- For gracious musicians who still want me to play drums in their band.

- For living in a country that understands putting lemons in iced tea.

- For hope for the future in the midst of an uncertain & incomprehensible world.

- For great books; vast treasures of paper & ink.

- For great music; what a joy to know that the cacophony of pop culture is not all there is.

- For a God who loved me afar off and continues to give of Himself to make me into something worthwhile.

- For sunsets, the colors of fall, mountains, snow, stars, waterfalls, and all of the other wondrous things that make life in Colorado so enchanting.

- And for so much more I don't have the time to write about now. Thanks for reading, everybody. Thank you for taking the time. If you have ever read this blog, even once, I appreciate it. I hope you can find so many things to be thankful for in your own life that you wouldn't be able to fit it into one blog post, either. Enjoy the season!

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