Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An American Rock Band in Paris

After a dichotomous week of monstrous technical headaches and awesome nights on stage, a day off in one of the most important historical cities in the world was a welcome refresher.

Paris was beseiged yesterday by a cavalcade of wandering American musicians who got their fill of French pastries, gothic cathedrals, and monumental architecture.

Taking in the sights in the City of Lights for the second time this year was a joy for this particular writer; history and religion are sort of my jam, and Paris certainly has copious amounts of both. It was also great to be there with friends who were seeing the heart of the city for the very first time. I know I couldn't stop looking at Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower the first time I had the opportunity to see them, and it's apparent after yesterday's adventures that I'm not alone in this particular predicament.

The show the night before was also it's own sort of special. After our persistent and near-disatrous breakdown nightmare, just getting to the venue felt like an achievement. Getting to play was just icing on the cake at that point. Fortunately, our fatigue didn't totally wreck our performance (the Parisian crowd was very generous in their understanding, however) and the night could only be described as a victory for our band.

Now, onward to the Netherlands and the beginning of week number two of performances for this tour. Hopefully, (I'm pressing my thumbs together*), this week will in no way resemble the last except in terms of what's happening at the shows. That, at least, is still great, and is keeping us going through all the other nonsense. We've got five straight nights of performances coming up and the most we've ever done before on a tour is four. We need to make sure we're getting our zzz's, eating our Wheaties, and using the right type of gas in the van.

Bring on the Dutch.

(* - Apparently, several European countries press their thumbs together as a sign of good luck and hope in the same way Americans cross their fingers. Amazing to me that I'd never even heard of such a phrase before in all my life.)


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  1. Hey Joel, I forgot to tell you today: Lausanne has a very beautiful cathedral. Maybe you can have a look at it tomorrow or on monday if you feel better then.
    Get well soon and take care. See you on monday!
    Good night!


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