Monday, April 14, 2014

Time Lapsing in Portland

Check out this time lapse video shot by students at the University of Portland, our hosts this past weekend for a show that featured Tyler Ward & Alex G opening for the incomparable Andy Grammer.

We had a fantastic time playing Rock The Bluff, and I can't say enough about the way we were taken care of by everyone who put on the show. From taking us out to the legendary Voodoo Donuts immediately after picking us up at the airport, to meeting all of our backstage needs and getting up early the morning after the concert to make sure we made our flights home, everyone at the U of P went above and beyond to make this show happen and to make sure that us musicians - and not just the students - had a great weekend.

At about the 1:24 mark of the video, you can see yours truly (in a bright teal-colored tee shirt) setting up his drumset on the side of the stage while Andy Grammer's band was soundchecking. (Look closely, and you'll probably be able to make out the entire T-Ward Crew, as well.)

Also, for some additional U of P hijinks, check out this interview the campus newspaper conducted before the show.


  1. Hey Joel,
    I had to re-upload this due to an upload error.


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