Friday, November 30, 2012

Backstage in St. Louis

Well, here we are again at the Old Rock House, St. Louis, MO. What a trip it's been.

Not a whole lot of new info to report to everyone. The band's out again after the Thanksgiving break and back into the swing of road life. The shows this week have been great - the audiences have brought the love and reminded us all that we're exactly where we want to be: performing for fans all across this country and building the T-Ward fan base step by step.

It occurred to me earlier that during my junior year of high school, I bought a new drumset to play for a talent show. I ended up winning that talent show (along with my bass compatriot Joshua Corbett), and that very same drumset, albeit with a couple newer additions and tune-ups, is still with me tonight for my second show in St. Louis. It's crazy how life goes sometimes.

Kinda like this....

That very same year, an identical pair of twins named Evan & Jaron put out a smash hit record entitled, "Crazy For This Girl". Being into fusion-y drum music, some jazz, and rock that was 15 years before my time, I dismissed them as a boy band with live instruments. Well, as it turns out, that same Jaron is now helping to manage the band I play in. See? It's a wild world, folks, and life is a strange, strange ride. Don't try to box it in too much or even understand it. The moment you think you do, you'll get the ol' knuckleball and end up standing there shaking your head in disbelief. Life is an adventure, kids, not a math problem - don't try to figure it all out. Just learn to embrace the unknown along with the occasionally precarious twists & turns.

So, anyway, enough gabbing for now. I'll just leave you with this. Traipsing around Lawrence, Kansas last night before our show, I stopped into a small club and dug on a jazz combo for a bit. They were good enough to remind me about the swing before I had to play with Tyler & the guys. Hope you dig it like I did.

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