Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On the Road Again

the 1st leg
There's a bittersweet quality to having breaks during a long tour: getting to come home and see my family, my friends and my dog is always a plus, but having to leave them again is never a pleasant thing (especially during the one time of year when I want to be at home more than any other). Alas, this is the nature of the gig and the ever-present reminder that dream jobs are not always perfect ones.

Thus, the band has set out on its final leg of touring for 2012. The first North American portion went swimmingly: we had better-than-expected attendance at just about every show, the crowds were great (by-and-large), and nothing even close to catastrophic went down. (Here's hoping our good fortune continues to hold out!) In the midst of all this, some pretty huge developments are brimming behind the scenes in the dark, musty, and pungent corners of... bum ba da bum... the business side. Seeing as how it's neither my purview nor area of expertise, I'll just leave it at this: next year's probably gonna be big. Huge, even. Maybe even... riesig. (wink, wink)
But, for now, onto Dallas. And then, a few other places after that. I'm away from home during Christmas, America, so you'd better have some stunning light displays along the road to keep me festive. A town in southern Oklahoma actually came through in the clutch tonight, so let's keep the party rollin' all the way to Chicago, shall we? Thanks.

So, look out, juice bars, laundromats, panoramic photo op locales, and WiFi servers everywhere: the T-Ward Band is back on tour.

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